Through the course one will develop the skills to navigate, create and speak the Arabic language. To accomplish this, we will divide the period into two.

In the first part we will start by firstly familiarising ourselves with the Arabic alphabet. thereafter we will get into Sarf (morphology). Sarf deals with the forming of words and seeing the patterns within them. It enables one to locate the root letters of each word and understand the moods they give off.

Once we have a firm understanding of the above, we will delve into what is known as Nahwu (Arabic syntax). AS oppesed to Sarg, this deals more with how words affact other words and how to form sentences as a whole – or more simply put – grammar.

The second part of the period we will be focusing on the acutal speaking of the language, commonly known as “Muhaadathah”. Here we will learn how to speak and understand day to day interactions. This will give us a nice exposure to the language as well as a good understanding of how things work.

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