Arabic is the official language of the 22 countries that form the Arab League. There are more than 300 million Arabic speakers across the world, though they predominantly live in the region stretching across the Middle East and North Africa. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations (UN).


Japanese courses for N5 & N4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). We also provide short travel courses for you to prepare before heading to the country!

If you are a JET Applicant, why not join our JET Prep class?


Learn French with us to pass your DELF exam or simply for fun! We are also able to assist with tutoring for those taking French as one of their IEB subjects. ​​

Our courses are specialized for adults and children of all ages!


Italian Courses up until Intermediate level! We also provide a short travel course to prepare you for the language and culture you will be exposed to for your exciting Italian adventure!​

A1 – B2 levels available.


Hello there! Struggling with Matric? Or any grade of English? We offer private online tutoring lessons for all ages for both GED and IEB curriculums. We also provide ESL and IELTS courses.



Our German courses will allow you to take the Goethe – Zertifikat A1 – B2. There will also be short travel courses to help you before visiting Germany yourself!


Take our Portugease courses and pass your CIPLE proficiency test with us! The Portuguese course is perfect for students also taken it on the IEB curriculum who need extra one on one teaching.


Hola! Possibly one of the most widely used languages in the world, this course will help you prepare for your DELE proficiency exam. We offer courses all the way to advanced level.


With the ever-growing popularity of K-Pop in not only South Africa, but the world, Korean has become increasingly more sought after! Our language classes are perfect for fun or to take your TOPIK exam.


Not only is Greek one of the oldest languages in the world, it is also a language rich with culture, history, and pride! We will help you with extra lessons, just to learn, or to prepare you for your Elinomathia tests! It is also perfect for kids with fun and interactive online classes!


Howzit everyone! Choose us to help you prepare for your final exams, just to learn for fun, or for extra lessons! Get well and truly prepared for your next braai or exam with us! We are happy to teach any level, any grade, and any curriculum (Including IEB, GDE and CAPS)


Sawubona! Come join us in learning one of our 11 national languages! This course is not only aimed at students, but for anyone wanting to learn! For our students, our Zulu teachers are well prepared in giving you extra lessons and preparing you for your exams (Including IEB, GDE and CAPS)


Come learn the worlds most widely spoken language with us! There are close to 1 billion native speakers of Chinese making it an essential language to learn in this day and age.

We will help prepare you for your HSK exam or simply to learn – whatever the goal, we are here for you!


Calling all Russian fans! Learn a language unlike any other! Our Russian courses are all done online with a native speaker. We will follow the TORFL (Test of Russian as a Foreign Language) curriculum, however, please note there are no testing centres in South Africa to do the official test usually held in March.

South african sign language

Learn a uniquely South African language and learn to sign! Our courses are done online and we are here to help whoever with SASL. We are committed to creating an accessible learning enviroment for everyone – not only for SASL but for all our languages!


We are one of the only places in South Africa offering this course! Join us to learn this exotic language! For those moving over to Thailand, did you know learning Thai increases your chances of getting a job?


Persian is an important language of the Middle East and Central Asia. It has about 62 million native speakers, ranking it among the world’s 20 most widely spoken first languages! The language is relatively easy to learn – as it has not changed in around a century!


Ukrainian is the official language of the largest European country, with more than 46 million people speaking it. It takes the 26th place among the most widespread languages in the world due to the number of its speakers. And it is the second most widespread Slavic language after Russian.


Hindi, which is one of the languages spoken in India, belongs to the Indo-European language family just like English. Today it is the fourth most spoken language in the world, according to the 21st edition of Ethnologue. It is principally spoken in four countries. About 341 million people speak Hindi as their first language. Overall, around 615.5 million people worldwide speak Hindi.


Don’t worry! The Polish language is so complicated, that even Polish people have many problems to speak and write 100% correctly. The Polish language uses seven cases what gives very complex grammar. It has also very difficult pronunciation and many exceptions to every one rule.The Polish language is a crazy creation of verb conjugation and noun inflexion.


After you learn the basics of Croatian, you will be able to pick up on similar languages, such as Bosnian, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Slovenian. Croatian features the Latin alphabet, making it the best of these languages for an English speaker to begin with.


Turkish is a significant language because of the sheer numbers of people who speak it. 75 million people speak Turkish as their first language, making it one of the globe’s 15 most widely spoken first languages. Turkush is the second most widely spoken language in Germany. Another 15 million people speak Turkish as a second language.


Another important religious language we are very proud to share! Besides this, it is one of the world’s oldest languages with the oldest records of written Hebrew date between 1200BC and 587BC. We are happy to share this language with you whether it be for religious, cultural or pure interest purposes!


According to the South African History Institute, the Xhosa people are the second largest cultural group in South Africa, after the Zulu-speaking nation; which would explain why isiXhosa is one of the most common languages in the country!


The Sepedi language is spoken most commonly in Mpumalanga, Gauteng and the Limpopo provinces. However, smatterings of it can even be heard as far afield as Botswana. It is part of the Bantu group, which belongs to the Niger-Congo sector and it is very closely connected to the Setswana and Sesotho languages.


The Swazi, Swati or siSwati language is a Bantu language of the Nguni group spoken in Eswatini and South Africa by the Swazi people. The number of speakers is estimated to be in the region of 2.4 million. Swazi is an official language of Eswatini (along with English), and is also one of the eleven official languages of South Africa.


One of the world’s most notoriously difficult to learn languages! Over the years, since its creation as a language, Hungarian has evolved and changed just like any other dialect. However, staying true to its ancient roots, Hungarian contains a whopping 68% of its etymons, or original words. Compare this with the 4% retained by the English language, or the 5% kept by Hebrew, and the scale is even more impressive.


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